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Third Party Voter Registration Organizations (3PVROs)

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DISCLAIMER: The Florida Third Party Voter Registration (3PVRO) database is not intended, nor should it be used, as a source for Florida voter registration statistics. The 3PVRO database reflects the cumulative number of voter registration applications submitted by a 3PVRO to the state since the time of a 3PVRO’s registration. Please note that a voter application submitted by a political party does not necessarily translate directly into a voter registered for that party as all 3PVROs must collect and submit registrations regardless of party affiliation.

Florida Department of State
Division of Elections

Voter Registration Applications Received and/or Provided

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ID PrefixID3PVRO’s NameState Applications ProvidedFederal Applications ProvidedTotal State & Federal Applications ProvidedBlank State Applications ReceivedBlank Federal Applications ReceivedTotal Blank Federal & State Applications ReceivedNon-Blank State Applications ReceivedNon-Blank Federal Applications ReceivedTotal Non-Blank State & Federal Applications Received
 09-01Duval County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 09-02Disston Heights Civic Association, Inc.000000000
 09-03Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 09-04Santa Rosa County Democratic Executive Committee000000000
 09-05Dawn Quarles, Pace High School000000000
 09-06Republican Party of Pasco County000000000
 09-07City of New Port000000000
 09-08Gamma Mu Omega Chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.000000000
 09-09University of Central Florida Student Government Association000000000
 09-10America First Party7566682275675615127567561512
09-11Republican Party of Florida30030000808
 09-12Stonewall County Democrats of Pinellas 000000000
 09-13Just Patriots Inc.000000000
 09-14Golden Triangle Democratic Club000000000
 09-16Golden Triangle Republican Women's Network000000000
 09-17Osceola Democratic Executive Committee000000000
 09-18Suwannee County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 09-19Florida Democratic Party000000000
 09-20Saba Temple No. 186000000000
09-21St. Johns County Republican Party30030000000
 09-22West Central Florida Federation of Labor000000000
09-23Republican Executive Committee of Indian River Co.000000000
 09-24Florida State Massage Therapy Association000000000
 09-25Department of Constitutional Protection, Inc.000000000
 09-26Republican Party of Monroe County000000000
 09-27A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI)000000000
 09-28Alan S. Bernerich000000000
 09-29Polk County Republican Executive Committee (Republican Party of Polk County)000000000
 09-30The Beta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.000000000
 09-31South Lake Democratic Club000000000
 09-32Lake County Democratic Executive Committee000000000
 09-33Democratic Executive Committee000000000
 09-34United States Voter Registration Organization000000000
 09-35America's Voter Registration Organization000000000
 09-36Federal Voter Registration Organization000000000
 09-37Florida State Voter Registration Organization000000000
 09-38American National Voter Registration Organization000000000
 09-39Republican Executive Committee000000000
 09-40Brevard Democratic Executive Committee000000000
 09-41Okaloosa County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 09-42Leesburg Area Democrat Club24024000000
 09-43The Brevard County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 09-44Seminole County Democratic Party000000000
 09-45Lake County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 09-46Centro Cultural De Puerto Rico000000000
 09-47Stetson Votes000000000
 09-48American Postal Workers Union000000000
 09-49Thomas R. Cuba000000000
 09-50Florida Community Support Organization000000000
 09-51Clay County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 09-52UF Chomp the Vote Student Government000000000
 09-53University of West Florida College Republicans000000000
 09-54Re-Elect Gwy Clarke-Reed Campaign000000000
 09-55Anthony M. Denito000000000
 09-56Kenneth N. Evans000000000
 09-57Democratic Party of Sarasota County000000000
 09-58Democratic Club of Sarasota000000000
 09-59Lake County Chapter of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida000000000
 09-60Cambodian American Community Ser. Inc000000000
 09-61Biblical Concepts Ministries Inc.000000000
 09-62John B. Sullivan000000000
 09-63Pompano Beach Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.000000000
 09-64Levy County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 09-65Gayla Reimer Navarre High000000000
 09-66Bernie DeCastro Campaign000000000
 09-67Republican Party of Palm Beach County000000000
 09-68Duval County Democratic Executive Committee (DCDEC)000000000
 09-69Pinellas 912000000000
 10-01South Florida Tea Party, Inc.000000000
 10-02Rabia Temple No. 8 Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine, Inc.000000000
 10-03Paul Williams Campaign000000000
10-04Manatee County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 10-05Tampa 912 Project000000000
 10-06The Obama Family Network of Jacksonville, FL (OFN-JAX)000000000
 10-07Paul Bates Organization000000000
 10-08North Pinellas 9.12 Project000000000
 10-09Eugenia Ann Johnson000000000
 10-10Concerned Americans of St. Johns County000000000
 10-11Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee000000000
10-12Manatee County Democratic Executive Committee2500250243024315015
 10-13Lake County Chapter of The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida000000000
 10-14Mrs. Sue Moffitt000000000
 10-15Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; Theta Sigma Chapter000000000
 10-16Garden City Neighborhood Association000000000
 10-17For the People000000505
 10-18Joseph S. Jackson000000000
 10-19Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Chi Psi Omega Chapter000000000
 10-20Suwannee County Branch of the NAACP000000000
 10-21Orange County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 10-22Mark T. Long Campaign000000000
 10-23Women's Voices. Women Vote (WVWV)000000000
 10-24Citrus County Democratic Executive Committee000000000
 10-25Suwannee County Voters League000000000
 10-26Pinellas Democratic Party20020000505
 10-27Tri-County Tea Party-FL000000000
 10-28Okeechobee County Democratic Executive Committee8508585085000
 10-29Pretty Kitty Committee000000000
 10-30Jordan and Anne Marie Baker Conservative Christian Teens for America000000000
 10-31Tallahassee Republican Women's Club Federated000000000
 10-32Hernando County Democratic Executive Committee000000000
 10-33Democratic Party of Miami-Dade000000000
 10-34Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 10-35Barbara M. Vaughn000000000
 10-36Hernando County Democratic Club000000000
 10-37Ben Garrott000000000
 10-38Committee to Elect Alan Grayson000000000
 10-39Republican Party of Okeechobee Executive Committee000000000
 10-40St. Johns County Democratic (Party) Executive Committee00000018018
 10-41Lee Republican Women Federated (LRWF)000000000
 10-42Centro De Orientacion Del Inmigrante, M.P.P.000000000
 10-43Florida Consumer Action Network, Inc.000000000
 10-44The Community School of Naples000000000
 10-45Earl J. Testy000000000
 10-46National Council of La Raza/Democracia USA000000000
 10-47Polk County Democratic Executive Committee000000000
 10-48Lakeland Democratic Club000000000
 10-49First Coast Tea Party Clay Community Group000000000
 10-50Rock the Vote000000000
 10-51Greater Homestead Florida City Democratic Club000000000
 10-52Florida Forum for Social Justice000000000
 10-53First Baptist New Smyrna Beach000000000
 10-54Raymond Fiedler000000000
10-55International Association of Machinist Local Lodge 731000000000
 10-56Emerg USA, Inc.000000000
 10-57First Baptist Church of Eustis000000000
 10-58First Coast Tea Party Clay Community Group000000000
 10-59Venice Area Democratic Club000000000
 10-60Norm Luppino000000000
 10-61Republican Party of Florida (Victory 2010)000000000
 10-62Republican Liberty Caucus of Clay County000000000
 10-63Daniel Webster for Congress000000000
 10-64Daytona State College000000000
 10-65The Brandon 912 Project 000000000
 10-66Mary Elizabeth Stevenson000000000
 10-67Bay Patriots, Inc. 2000200000101
 10-68Campaign for Derrell Day BCC Dist. 4000000000
 10-69The Voter League of the Palm Beaches000000000
 10-70Joy Lee Prescott000000000
 10-71Assumption Catholic Church 000000000
 10-72The Seminole County Republican Executive Committee000000000
 10-73Kathryn Sumner 000000000
 10-74Karla Roy 000000000
 10-75First Baptist Church Naples000000000
 10-76Patricia W. Whites000000000
 10-77Suwannee Democratic Executive Committee000000000
 10-78American Federation for Children 000000000
 10-79Susan Nartowicz000000000
 10-80Republican Club of Ocala Palms000000000
 10-81Walton County Democrat Party 000000000
 10-82South Shore Republican Club 000000000
10-83Arenza Thigpen, Jr.25002500001590159
 10-84Cruz-Wiggins for Congress 2012000000000
 10-85Highlands County NAACP000000000
 10-86Liberty Church000000000
 10-87Big Bend Republican Women's Club, Federated000000000
 10-88Democratic Club of Northwest Volusia County000000000
 10-89American Conservatives Voter Registration Organization 000000000
 10-90American Wealthy Persons Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-91American Christians Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-92American Celebrities Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-93American Capitalists Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-94American Bourgeoisie Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-95American Multi-Millionaires Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-96American Billionaires Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-97American Intellectual Elites Voter Registration Organization 000000000
 10-98American Economic Elites Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-99American Educators Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-100American Industrialists Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-101American Baptists Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-102American Film Stars Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-103American Music Stars Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-104American Sport Players Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-105American Lutherans Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-106American Presbyterians Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-107American Jehovah's Witnesses Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-108American Methodists Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-109American Adventists Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-110American Episcopalians Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-111American Catholics Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-112American Sheriff Deputies Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-113American Police Officers Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-114American Military Officers Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-115American Diplomats Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-116American Highway Patrol Troopers Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-117American Secret Service Agents Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-118American Economists Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-119American Nurses Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-120American Engineers Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-121American Politicians Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-122American Lawyers Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-123American Medical Doctors Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-124American Business Owners Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-125American Government Officials Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-126United States Congressmen Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-127United Stated Senators Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-128Florida Cabinet Members Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-129Florida State Representatives Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-130Florida State Senators Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-131American County Mayors Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-132American City Commissioners Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-133American County Commissioners Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-134American City Mayors Voter Registration Organization 000000000
 10-135American Free Masons Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-136American School Principals Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-137American Bank Presidents Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-138American College Presidents Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-139American University Presidents Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-140U.S. Cabinet Members Voter Registration Organization 000000000
 10-141American College Students Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-142American University Professors Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-143American School Teachers Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-144American Priests Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-145American Pastors Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-146Billionaire Josue Larose's Voter Registration Organization 000000000
 10-147U.S. Congress Candidate Josue Larose's Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-148Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Josue Larose's Voter Registration Organization 000000000
 10-149U.S. Presidential Candidate Josue Larose's Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-150U.S. Senate Candidate Josue Larose's Voter Registration Organization000000000
 10-151Dale Holness Campaign000000000
 10-152Lady Lake Villages Democrats000000000
 10-153Gadsden Democrat Executive Committee000000000
 10-154The Democratic Caribbean Caucus000000000
 10-155Marion County Democratic Party 000000000
 10-156The League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County000000000
 10-157Sankofa Society, Inc. 000000000
 10-158Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Omicron Omicron Chapter000000000
 10-159US Army Corps of Engineers000000000
 10-160Draw All Men Ministries Church000000000
 10-161Alpha Mu Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Incorporated000000000
 10-162Southern Energy Network000000000
 10-163Old Glory Rockets000000000
 10-164Charles Cash and The Lions Club000000000
 10-165Democratic Women's Club of Volusia County000000000
 10-166Adam Nolin000000000
 10-167Thomas Masters000000000
 10-168Florida YMCA Youth In Government000000000
 10-169Florida Association of Planned Parenthood Affiliates000000000
 10-170Orlando Alumnae Chapter - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 000000000
 10-171VOTO LATINO000000000
 10-172Santa Fe College Republicans 000000000
 10-173William J. Kellerher000000000
 10-174YB-MIC Corporation000000000
 10-175Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale 000000000
 10-176Omicron Upsilon Lambda000000000
 10-177National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws000000000
 10-178Don Redmon Campaign000000000
 10-179Okeechobee Youth Development Center000000000
 10-180Williams Third Party Voters Registration Org.000000000
 10-181Victoria Williams 000000000
 10-182Robert T. Koehler, Notary Public000000000
 11-2Campaign for Julianne DePriest000000000
 11-3Action PAC3200320570572580258
 11-4Jacksonville Urban League Young Professionals1000100000000
 11-5Kimberly Daniels Campaign000000000
 11-6Gamma Beta Chi National Service Franternity Incorporated303000000
 11-7Republican Party of Marion Co.50050000606
 11-8Centrist American Party00000025025
 11-9Capital City GLBTA Democratic Caucus, Inc.000000000
 11-10Suwannee YES!000000000
 11-11Duane A. Gildea000000000
 11-12West Palm Beach Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.19019000000
 11-13Wendell Franklin Massey000000000
 11-14Royal Highlands Democrats Club000000000
 11-15Ryan Moffitt000000000
 11-16Better Lake Worth000000000
 11-17Broward Young Democrats00000033033
 11-18The Miami Foundation000000101
 11-19The Voters Registration Network000000000
 11-20Ron Brown South Dade Democratic Caucus000000000
 11-21Jefferson County Democratic Party100610600012012
3P11-22License America Series, LLC000000101
3P11-23Stephanie Jones100010000022022
3P11-24Vincent Dane Cocks10001005905957057
3P11-25Republican Party of Palm Beach County000000000
3P11-26Biblical Concepts Ministries65006500001620162
3P11-27Humanity Social Services Community Center000000202
3P11-28Mental Health Care, Inc.00000035035
3P11-29Concerned Americans of St. Johns County000000909
3P11-30Universal Life Church of Franklin000000000
3P11-31Ron Brown South Dade Democratic Caucus7760776270027034034
3P11-32Republican Party of Pasco County110011000066066
3P11-33Polk County Republican Executive Committee (Republican Party of Polk County)000000202
3P11-34Charlotte County Republican Executive Committee712071210175075
3P11-35Mt. Hermon AME Church505010000067067
3P11-36Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.660066060656056
3P11-37Village of El Portal Florida700070000088088
3P11-38Iota Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.761076100069069
3P11-39The Voter Participation Center (f/k/a Women's Voices, Women Vote)75075100103551356
3P11-40Navarre High School000000000
3P11-41Chomp the Vote -- UF Student Government340003400000278502785
3P11-42Maria Gabriela Gosline000000000
3P11-43West Palm Beach Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.16250162523661297188401884
3P11-44Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee1840018400001050105
3P11-45Osceola County D.E.C.000000000
3P11-46Robert T. Koehler, Notary Public000000000
3P11-47Christopher A. Washington9909900012012
3P11-48Voters Registration Network30030060000049049
3P11-49Lee Republican Women Federated (LRWF)700070000094094
3P11-50Susan J. Nartowicz00000035035
3P11-51Suwannee County Voters League3350335180018019019
3P11-52William Douglas Thomas000000000
3P11-53Hillsborough County Young Democrats20200011011
3P11-54Orlando Housing Authority575005750000111601116
3P11-55Helen Briley000000000
3P11-56Citizens Coalition - Derbyshire Comm Grp50005000001151116
3P11-57Naomi F. Norris Campaign000000000
3P11-58Chaka Chinyelu Foundation50050000000
3P11-59Stetson Votes00000010010
3P11-60Melouise Aikens Lay Organization2002000015015
3P11-61Watching Executives Conduct, Inc.1700170000000
3P11-62Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., South Broward Alumnae Chapter150015000024024
3P11-63Miami-Dade Young Democrats1726017261029010293310331
3P11-64Lazaro Alonso5020502260265700570
3P11-65Orange County Branch NAACP2780202800140145404544
3P11-66Barbara M. Vaughn000000000
3P11-67Judith Nelson000000000
3P11-68Gamma Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Sorority, Inc1500150330331030103
3P11-69South Jacksonville Republican Club2000200000909
3P11-70Manatee Democratic Executive Committee25660256641004108760876
3P11-71Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Chi Psi Omega11801182022750275
3P11-72Thomas C. Kimler00000080080
3P11-73Rustling Pines Home Owners Associations00000027027
3P11-74Philomena Liang5005000011011
3P11-75Democrats of South Dade Club1759017590001120112
3P11-76The Alachua County Branch of NAACP91509154044710471
3P11-77Volusia County-Daytona Beach NAACP1650016502027170717
3P11-78Florida State Conference National Association for the Advancement of Colored People1060201060243043634006340
3P11-79Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee92509251620162185701857
3P11-80Foundational Education of Voters Rights & Responsibilities Inc.17501752021420142
3P11-81Suwannee County Republican Executive Committee2350235220221760176
3P11-82The Raider Vote0000004540454
3P11-83DCM Services Center, Inc.5005000049049
3P11-84Gadsden Co NAACP Branch #5149425042568068162801628
3P11-85Tau Chi Omega, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated012512520234034
3P11-86Flagler County Branch NAACP9290929610615540554
3P11-87Ave Maria School of Law Chapter of the Republican National Lawyers Association000000808
3P11-88The Homeless Vote70700011011
3P11-89The Florida Democratic Party10958129961125772327839523673672549475673024
3P11-90Martha J. Ardren50050350356360636
3P11-91Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc Beta Alpha Chapter100010000029029
3P11-92Leslie Estates Homeowners ASSOC. #1, Inc.00000031031
3P11-93Republican Party of Florida906406689130832610326193398593403
3P11-94Osceola Republican Executive Committee102480102483033200320
3P11-95Royal Highlands Democrats Club000000000
3P11-96Jefferson County Democratic Executive Committee97097220221310131
3P11-97Dr. Walter M. Fordham NAACP Political Action Chair/Bethune Cookman10750107550105016880688
3P11-98G & R Strategies LLC12550012550000156701567
3P11-99Seminole County Branch NAACP1029501079480481940194
3P11-100Better Lake Worth000000000
3P11-101Gadsden County FL Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.000000909
3P11-102Golden Triangle Democratic Club000000000
3P11-103National Council of La Raza/Democracia USA6316006316011380113896692096692
3P11-104Florida A & M University Electoral Commission90009003031940194
3P11-105NAACP Martin County Branch65065290295550555
3P11-106Xi Epsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.000000202
3P11-107Fort Lauderdale/Broward Branch NAACP55005501015810581
3P11-108Carlos F. Blanco000000000
3P11-109Sarasota County Branch, NAACP00000020020
3P11-110A1 International Realty000000000
3P11-111NAACP of FAU1000100000808
3P11-112Ward Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church85186000101
3P11-113Lakeland Branch NAACP16300163017501755710571
3P11-114Frank Denmark, Sr.100010000021021
3P11-115Chris Blair for Sheriff Campaign5005080842042
3P11-116Okaloosa County Branch NAACP51505150005420542
3P11-117The Seminole County Republican Executive Committee1400014000005190519
3P11-118Jefferson County Republican Party00040416016
3P11-119Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Pensacola Alumnae Chapter10001001011640164
3P11-120Gabriel Martin000000000
3P11-121Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church000000000
3P11-122Palm Beach County Young Democrats300030000078078
3P11-123Daytona Beach Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.14001400004187425
3P11-124The Non-Violence Project USA, Inc000000000
3P11-125St. Johns Co. Branch of NAACP2500250314031418018
3P11-126Edward Sims250025000012012
3P11-127Linda Jean Ivery3103100034034
3P11-128Voto Latino4650465930935220522
3P11-129Jacksonville Branch NAACP3650036501150115155301553
3P11-130Hernando County NAACP Branch #5092101000000
3P11-131Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. - Pi Nu Chapter54005400001260126
3P11-132Martin County Republican Executive Committee000000000
3P11-133Taylor County Republican Executive Committee46304632021340134
3P11-134Gadsden Technical Institute2502523023202
3P11-135Florida Consumer Action Network, Inc.000202644806448
3P11-136Scott R. Herman Campaign24970249712470124767067
3P11-137Janet Dowell50050000606
3P11-138Saint Petersburg Branch NAACP10001008081770177
3P11-139Florida Rights Restoration Colation - NE Florida Chapter33000330000078078
3P11-140NAACP Youth Council of Ocala/Marion County Florida000000606
3P11-141Delta Sigma Theta Sorority - Glades Alumnae Chapter16700167050005002330233
3P11-142Kevin Hall 2012000000000
3P11-143St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church5005003737101
3P11-144Robert Daniel Williams000000000
3P11-145Carolyn Dowell000000000
3P11-146Florida Unites, Inc.00000012012
3P11-147Westside Baptist Church2800280440441990199
3P11-148Marion County Branch - NAACP1435014358083040304
3P11-149Aaron Standish0000001320132
3P11-150Rock the Vote300030000061061
3P11-151Calvary Chapel Church, Inc. d/b/a Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale0000003250325
3P11-152Terreance Hines Campaign10001002000200000
3P11-153Glades Area Branch NAACP 56869009000092092
3P11-154Lee County Branch NAACP #5110151015100035035
3P11-155Winter Park Towers and Villages4000400000606
3P11-156Central Brevard County Branch NAACP Unit 514583028326062380238
3P11-157Allen Chapel AME Church025025000085085
3P11-158Republican Party of Indian River County96312975320324850485
3P11-159Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority/Gamma Mu Omega Chapter100010000063063
3P11-160Jennifer Rumple Preik50050000000
3P11-161Lake Wales NAACP - Branch #510960006000004000400
3P11-162Greater Mount Zion African Methodist Espicopal Church000000000
3P11-163Aretha Olivarez000000000
3P11-164Tallahassee Branch NAACP8000800481048111011
3P11-165FSU Chapter of the NAACP100010000075075
3P11-166Robert H. Fromby000000000
3P11-167Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church1750017500001460146
3P11-168NAACP Madison County Branch 5112000303303
3P11-169LaVon Busines Services, Inc.300030030103019680968
3P11-170Osceola High School348034811801183200320
3P11-171Sallie Tillman-Watson00030329029
3P11-172Spainish American League Against Discrimination000000000
3P11-173The Jarvis Law Firm, LLC160016000014014
3P11-174Orlando Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.47004700001910191
3P11-175Hillsborough County Branch NAACP10001000002330233
3P11-176College Democrats at UCF9610961000114901149
3P11-177Vivian Lyte-Johnson350035000032032
3P11-178Alhambra Heights Residential Force, Inc.000000000
3P11-179Cindy Falco-DiCorrado5005051051101
3P11-180Barbara Anne Farrar0000002010201
3P11-181Munro and Associates Group Inc.22300223000025025
3P11-182Della H. Daniels3003000017017
3P11-183The Resource Room000000000
3P11-184Miami-Dade NAACP Youth Council35003500001240124
3P11-185Nu Omega Omega Chapter 350035018601861230123
3P11-186CAIR Florida Inc1530015300001220122
3P11-187Sunshine State Voters League000000000
3P11-188Rollins College-Office of Community Engagement000000000
3P11-189Faith & Freedom Coalition2420024200002410241
3P12-1Beulah M. Hill000000202
3P12-2Susan A. Robinson3003020228028
3P12-3New You Ministries of Life, Inc.000000104301043
3P12-4Epsilon Mu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.18001808708712012
3P12-5Maria Cole2605026051190119106101061
3P12-6Campaign to Elect Derrick Henry02002000001060106
3P12-7Manatee County NAACP205020500037037
3P12-8Riviera Beach Community Action000000000
3P12-9Bay County Branch Unit 50891700170120124260426
3P12-10The Wheel Party000000000
3P12-11Luretha F. Lucky535053500089089
3P12-12Ella K. Coffee000000202
3P12-13Tyler Yeargain3000300000000
3P12-14N.A.A.C.P. Tri-City Branch16920169200036550415
3P12-15Patricia "Pat" Patterson Candidate850857507537037
3P12-16The Institute00010117017
3P12-17Solange Rousselot00000026026
3P12-18DeSoto County Republican Executive Committee00000012012
3P12-19Paul Ross Yavis200020000021021
3P12-20Highlands County NAACP300300003100310
3P12-21NAFAPAC National Americans of Faith Alliance PAC1050010501015880588
3P12-22The Iota Lambda Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.000000707
3P12-23Avante at Ocala 000000909
3P12-24NAACP Clearwater Upper Pinellas County Branch 5000500940941120112
3P12-25Kristy Branch Banks1001000029029
3P12-26William B. Hurley00005050202
3P12-27Zeta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.000000000
3P12-28American Majority, Inc.000000404
3P12-29Gator Chapter of the NAACP2000200000707
3P12-30Raymond Fiedler19019000000
3P12-31Truth Marketing Group, LLC000000000
3P12-32Palm Garden of Ocala112011200026026
3P12-33Mi Familia Vota Education Fund Inc.20347020347340034024764024764
3P12-34West Volusia Branch of NAACP #5146-B65006500001380138
3P12-35Friends of Justice, LLC000000505
3P12-36Joseph Edward Williams750750001500150
3P12-3713 Patriots, Inc. 00000031031
3P12-38Brenda Bivins740742402452052
3P12-39Miami Voice PAC800008000000303
3P12-40Kevin Drummond Campaign500050000065065
3P12-41Shady Grove #1 P.B. Church25025000404
3P12-42Take Back America F.D.P.1000100000000
3P12-43Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. - Pompano Beach Alumnae Chapter00000021021
3P12-44Elaine Laffey0000001300130
3P12-45Greater Faith AME Zion Church1000100000404
3P12-46Alfredo Martinez-Garcia650065000052052
3P12-47Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., Rho Sigma Chapter450045000038038
3P12-48Bernie DeCastro Campaign for Sheriff50050000606
3P12-49Delta Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc210021000046046
3P12-50Miami-dade County Public Schools Miami Florida5024905024940000400019158019158
3P12-51Mary Elizabeth Wilson000154015439039
3P12-52Hernando County Democratic Executive Committee430431012200220
3P12-53Catholics Called to Witness50005000001890189
3P12-54Building a Foundation Through the Product of My Environment26026000404
3P12-55Greater Tanner Chapel AME Church0000007800780
3P12-56Derek L. Stromas 500050000028028
3P12-57Palm Garden Gai